William Paul Morehouse
1929 - 1993
Selection of Available Paintings and Sculpture
An Overview
The Ghost Table

When Bill Morehouse walked through heaven's door
Marcel blew a smoke ring at Picabia's rook.
You're late, young man, we eat at seven sharp.
Have you kept up your good work?  Well, one drink
Then you'll find Mark and Clyfford still at the bar
In perpetual argument, Let's see, that's Check!

When Bill Morehouse walked through heaven's gate
Joan Brown was set to prepare the meal.  Bob
Arneson had made the plates and bowls. Early
Arrived, David Park shook a tube of white lead
In his dinner guest's face.  You've got to LIFT
The painting, Elmer, LIFT! You lift your elbows
And maybe I can set the table, de Feo said,
Not crossly.  HUMP, SPONN, HUMPP growled the sax:
Leo's in the alcove, Harold Paris? Over
By the trellis, takin a celestial leak.
In the cellar, Varda told Tom told Wilfred
Dont these Sonoma whites beat ole North Beach red?
From the garden, culling rinumculas,
Anemones, J.J. Sweeney raised his voice:
Was I right, young fella?  You can forget that
Messy business about my bowler hat
But at Peter's portal?  Hope you checked your cat?
The phone rings.  Wrong number!  for Alfred
Not here!  Think he's with most othr critics.
You'll want to try ....... Area Code 666

When Bill Morehouse sat at heaven's table
Crowded with  mentors colleagues and friends
He took a cigar from Diebenkorn
Wo asked if Bill, as newest come, were able
To say a brief word by way of grace.
"Friends, we're dead and well in Time and Space.
Yes, we're through with life but Love never ends.
At this table may every artist find a place."

John Fitzgibbon  October, 1993
William Morehouse A Memorial Exhibition
Sonoma State Univesity Catalogue  1994

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In loving memory
Michele Morehouse

1947-50   California School of Fine Arts
1953       California College of Arts and Crafts
1953-54   San Francisco Art Institute  BFA
1954-56   San Francisco State University  MA

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
1996   William Morehouse: The Chinois Paintings,
          King/Heller Gallery, Bodega, Ca
1995   William Morehouse, A Memorial Exhibition,
          Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, Ca
1994   The Coffee Ground Series, King/Heller Gallery,
1994   Landscape Envisioned, Paintings "En Plein Air"
          Bradford Gallery, San Anselmo, CA
1993   Landscape Paintings, Olga Dollar Gallery, San
1991   California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, Ca
1987   SFMOMA Rental Gallery, San Francisco
1986   Gannon Gallery, Bismark, North Dakota
1984   South of Market Cultural Center, San Francisco
1983   Oberon Gallery, Napa
1982   Dana Reich Gallery, San Francisco
1980   John Bolles Gallery, Santa Rosa, Ca
1979   Sunne Savage Gallery, Boston
         Santa Rosa Junior College Art Gallery, Ca
1978   Kingswood Gallery, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
1977   William Morehouse: The Subway Series
        ( An Evolution of an Idea), San Jose Museum of Art
1973   St Mary's College, Moraga, Ca
1969   Galeriea Carl Van der Voort, Ibiza, Spain
1967   Richmond Art Gallery, Ca
1965   Harbor Gallery, Oakland
1961   Realities Gallery, Taos, New Mexico
1960   Atherton Gallery, Menlo Park, Ca
1958   The 6 Gallery, San Francisco
         John Bolles Gallery, New York City
1954   Telegraph Gallery, San Francisco

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2009     The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection, National Gallery                  of Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC
2008    Mysteries,  Steven Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco
2006    Of the Land, Quicksilver Mine Co, Forestville
2005     Bakers Dozen, Quicksilver Mine Company, Forestville, Ca
2004     Absurd, Silly and Surreal, 14th Rotation, Next Level
           Communications, A Motorola Company, Rohnert Park   
2003    12th ROTATION, Honoring the Art of Ruth Dicker, Next    
           Level Communications, A Motorola Company, Rohnert Park
2002    Bred in the Bone, William and Jack Morehouse,
           The A Street Gallery, Santa Rosa, Ca
2001     Passing the Gift, The Legacy of 9 Sonoma County
           Artists, SoFo Gallery, "A" Street Gallery, Santa
          Rosa, Ca
2001    Retro,  Next Level Communications, A Motorola Company,
          Rohnert Park
1997    Bradford Gallery, San Francisco
1993   Cross Country - Plein Air Painting,  Sonoma Four
          Plein Air Painting Tour, The Century Club, NYC
1992   En Plein Air, The Sonoma Four, John Berggruen
          Gallery, San Francisco
1991   Plein Air Painting-Sonoma Four, Dominican
          College, San Rafael, Ca
1990    Lyrical Vision: The 6 Gallery, 1954-1956,
          Natsoulas-Novelozo Gallery, Davis, Ca
1989   Plein Air Painting- The Sonoma Four, J. Noblett
          Gallery, Sonoma, Ca
         San Francisco 1950, Natsoulos Novelozo Gallery,
           Davis, Ca
1986   Works on Paper, Traveling Brazilliam University
           Art Gallery
1985   American Abstraction, Four Currents, Louis Meisel
          Gallery, New York City
1983   Art Colab, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York City
1982   Group Show, Women's Cultural Center, Palo Alto, Ca
1981   Sculpture Conference Show, University Art
         Museum, Berkeley
1976   The Hieronymous Bosch Project, University of St.
          Thomas, Houston, Texas
1975   Artist Soap Box Derby, San Francisco Museum of
          Modern Art
1973   A Period of Exploration, 1945-50, Oakland
         Museum of Art
1970   National Drawing Exhibition, SFMOMA
1966   Funk, University Art Museum, Berkeley
1960   Recent Trends in San Francisco Painting and Sculpture,
1959   1959 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting
          Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC
1958   The Painted Flower Exhibition, Oakland
1957  1959  1961  Phelan Awards, California Palace of the Legion of
         Honor, San Francisco
1955   San Francisco Art Association Painting and Sculpture
         Annual, San Francisco Museum of Art
1954   Younger American Painters, Solomon Guggenheim Museum,
          New York City
1953   Richmond Art Center Annual Exhibition, Richmond, Ca
1950   New Directions, California School of Fine Art, San Francisco
1949   Northern California Artists, Los Angeles County Museum of
          Art, Los Angeles

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Visions, Art Quarterly Magazine, Spring 1992, text,illus.
The Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection, 50 Works for 50 States
illus of  "Untitled" page 61 A Gift to Florida's Miami Art Museum 2009

Public Collections:
Yale University Graphics Collection, NY
Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Oakland Museum of Art
University Art Museum, Berkeley
Museo de Arte Moderno, Spain
Archives of American Art, Smithsonian, Washington DC
San Francisco Art commission
Sarah Lawrence College, NY
Smith college Museum of Art, MA
Lytton collection of California Art
First International Bank, Houston, TX
Amax Corporation, San Jose
United Gas and Pipeline Corporation, Houston, TX
Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento, CA
Sheraton Sonoma County - Petaluma Hotel
Miami Art Museum, Miami Florida Gifted by Dorothy and Herbert Vogel 2009

Personal papers collected by the Archives of America Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

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North, South, East and West
Four Dyptichs     1963  oil on canvas