William Paul Morehouse
1929 - 1993
Duality Series

By the late 70's Bill was dividing his time between New York and Bodega.  It was in New York that he explored different aspects of the subterranean urban landscape.  His paintings, installations and collages led him into the stark black and white geometry of non human space.  It came as no surprise that his imagery exploded back into a new interpertation of the richly colored metaphysical world of Dualism.  This series which he called "Dualities" sparked these vibrant "astral landscape" pastel drawings.  In this period of time he fully immersed himself in the elements of universal laws and the dualistic divisions between the material world and the subtle realms of the intuitive.
Selection of Available Paintings & Sculpture
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"Described by New York critic and curator Peter Frank in a 1985 exhibition curated for Louis Meisel Gallery, NY, titled: American Abstraction; Four New Currents, as belonging to a stream he called "Numinous Abstraction", there was a recognition of content in my work which was more than simply self-referential.  I have always been interested in the connections among culturally evolved symbols, intense personal experiences and the realm of the spirit.  My current work is an exploration of the concept of Dualities - Spirit and Substance, Thought and Materiality.  Marking art for me is the only form of exploration with which I am comfortable.  I began my adult life with a suspicion that there was more to it than what everyone else was trying to sell me.  I think my life work does something more than allay boredom,  provide commodity of function as an alternative to politics, all of which are anethema to me.  I think if we do not live with courage and an acknowledgment of spirit in our lives, then we are doomed.  I am not interested in making pretty things.  I am only interested in truth"
  WM 7/21/87
"My work addresses the formal aspects of composition, whether they be contained within the tradition of the rectangle or in reference to that which lays without it.  I try to bring a painterly discrimination and sensibility to the task of resolving differences between and among disparate parts, as in such series: "Dualities" and "Trilogies", or in individual installation pieces which relate directly to specific spaces.  These constitute the vehicle with which I find I can enter the metaphysical and abstract, engaging in a process which helps me to transcend banality, sentimentality, politics and boredom."
WM  1985
oil on paper  30x40  1984
pastel  44x30  1984
DC8  a/c  72x54  1984
oil on paper  30x44   1984
X   68x84  o/c  1982
oil on paper  30x44   1984
Dance of the Mirrors   72x104  o/c  1984
XXVII  68x84  a/c  1982
Duality DB  70x96  a/c  1983
pastel 30x44  1983
pastel 30x44  1984
Ava  18x24  o/c  1985
Ama  18x24  o/c  1985
pastel   22x30  1985
pastel 30x44 1984
Asu  18x24  o/c  1985
pastel  22x30  1985
pastel  22x30  1981
pastel  22x30  1980
pastel  22x30  1985
pastel  22x30  1983
Duality  48x60  a/c  1980
Duality  48x60  a/c  1980
Duality  48x60  a/c  1980
Duality  48x60  a/c  1980
pastel  22x30  1980
pastel  22x30  1980
There is so much more available work in this series.  If it inerests you and you would like to see more please email to arrange a visit to The Creamery
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Michele Morehouse
XII    40x52  a/c   1980 
pastel    30x44    1984 
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Navigation  pastel  30x44  1977 
Duality  40x28  oil/paper  1988
  pastel on Arches Black    30x44  1977 
  DC 1  54x72  acrylic/canvas  1983
Duality   54x68  oil/canvas  1984
Duality   54x68  oil/canvas  1984
Duality   83x88x44  oil/canvas/wood  1984
DB     68x78 oil/canvas  1983
Duality  46x68  oil/canvas  1983
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North, South, East and West
Four Dyptichs     1963  oil on canvas